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The new standard in business digitization

Get the software you really need

Software has never been implemented so quickly and cheaply

Software no longer has to be programmed, but is assembled by business designers. It's fast, increases quality and saves a great deal on costs.

Modern cloud platform

No hardware, no maintenance, no licenses. You need suitable software and nothing else. We take care of the rest.

Development By Design

Without a line of programming code, we create complex business applications. Complete ERP systems have already emerged from this.

Versatility in use

Use our standard solutions as a basis or design something completely new with us. The main thing is that it suits you.

Reliable support

We are particularly proud of our support. On average, we process each request within just 1.5 hours.

Unprecedented speed. Impeccable reliability.

Our SmartWare platform is built on the latest Blazor technology. As a result, we have an unprecedented performance of our applications. No more annoying waiting for a page to load. All functions are always immediately available.

Due to the low-code modular principle, all individual components of the software are already fully developed and undergo strict quality control. Application errors are thus significantly reduced. You simply have to be able to rely on your business applications. That's what SmartWare stands for.

We are proud of our numbers


Years of experience in digitization






countries worldwide


hours average support turnaround time

our customers

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The low-code platform

Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Contact us. Together we can achieve a lot.

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