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Immerse yourself in the new age of accelerated digitization


We have some interesting ready-made solutions. This allows real added value to be created within a very short time.

Isn't it the right thing? Contact us. Together we create something completely new. The main thing is that it suits you.

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Purchase To Pay

From procurement to payment: everything in one system and with a lot of convenience. Trigger orders, process invoices and get live OPOS lists. The automatic form recognition takes care of the tiresome invoice entry for you and routes the receipts to the appropriate employees for approval. The system is optimized for holding structures with several companies.

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Fully automatic checking of your contacts on all important sanctions and embargo lists. In this way, you can fulfill your duty of care and effectively avoid high penalties.


whistleblower portal

An anonymous reporting channel for whistleblowers. Simple and secure implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Complete ERP system with procurement, order processing, item management, finance, personnel management and much more. 

Portal on the Supply Chain Protection Act (in progress)

Our latest product is all about supply chains and compliance with the Supply Chain Protection Act.

We integrate into your ecosystem

We interact with your systems with our proven universal interface. You don't even notice it.

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